Tuesday, 15 September 2009

So whats in a name?

Thought I might kick off my blogging life, besides the obligatory "hi mom - will this thing last" post, with an ever so brief description of the title of my blog and Raison d'ĂȘtre.

Developing - a play on words really, overloaded to mean developing (my software development), developing (my photography/film) and developing (as in early childhood/cognitive development and what I most want to get out of this blog)

the - definite article no explanation really.. (geeky I know)

right - another play on words. right (as in correct) and right (as in right hand or creative side of the brain)

brain - the thing that I am hoping to change by blogging

Earlier this year, I found myself in a vicious cycle of attempting to read, watch and listen to every possible source of developer news available. From blogs, twitter, news, podcasts and video casts, on a wide range of topics. The information was in many cases taking a one way journey in one ear and out the other, so to speak, and worse still the more I consumed the more I realised I was missing out on (hence the viscious circle).

The epiphany came to me after listening to, ironically, a podcast by Tom Kelley from the Stanford University ETL series titled Young at Heart: How to Be an Innovator for Life. Tom gives some excellent tips for increasing your level innovation and creativity, the take away points being;
  • Think like a traveller
  • Treat life as an experiment
  • Cultivate an attitude of wisdom
  • Use your whole brain
  • Do what you love
This really struck a chord with me, so I read his book The 10 faces of innovation The Ten Faces of Innovation: Strategies for Heightening Creativity. The logical conclusion was basically, I consuming too much information, I had no time to think, no time to create. So hence this blog was born.

So the first step... admiting you have a problem...

Hi may name is Christian and it's been 56 days since my last podcast...


  1. Good stuff Christian! Looking forward to reading more. Incidentally, did you read 'Pragmatic Thinking and Learning'? If not, you should definitely do so; I think you'll like it.

  2. Rightio, added you to my Google Reader... I have faith you'll keep it up! :)

  3. Welecome to the blogosphere. I look forward to hearing more of your thoughts. :-) I certanly find it a useful instrument to focus your thoughts.